Each photographer dreams of having everything of necessaries to take a high-quality photo - a good camera, a camera tripod, studio lighting and a great many of other devices. And also he wants everything to be on hand in the right place on the right time. He wants perfect conditions for perfect pictures.

But it rarely happens that our wishes coincide with our means. Many problems may occur on our way to taking a good photo:

1) you've gone on leave. You took your camera, but there was no spare room for all the photo accessories in your bag. And you got an excellent idea for a photo session.
2) you want to take a picture in a place where you can't set good light or plug in all the necessary photo equipment, e.g. warehouse, building site, boat, mountains etc.
3) there is some technical malfunction. Not in you camera of course. But if a malfunction in some small things.
4) you have lack of money to buy all the photo accessories you need. Or you have enough money to buy some cheap ones, but you wanna put by some more money to buy better photography accessories. But you want to take good pictures right now.
5) you have exhausted your ideas and want to widen the range of your techniques.

What you should do then? Our site will help you for sure!

If you do not have a camera (a good one - a professional or a semi-professional), then we unfortunately won't help you. You should buy one before. But if you don't have all the necessary photo equipment or you want to try something new in your creation, then read what we offer.

We offer you to learn how to improve and diversify photographing easily and cheaply. Let these techniques be not for the "profs", cos as a rule they need high-quality equipment and expensive photography equipment. You can try to make interesting and nearly professional pictures using self-made accessories for the good studio or outdoor photographing.


New on web site (28.02.2011): Photo Bag
You can make stylish photo accessory with your own hands.

(17.12.2008): Overview of Digital Camera. part 1.
Learn more about digital cameras!

(27.08.2008): Amateur photography in the room. part 3.
How to make profissional portrait photos at home? We will answer this question (part 3).

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